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Step out of your comfort zone! Try things that you’ve never tried before, learn things you’ve never learned before. If you want to try Milan is the best city to start. Fashion, art, design and all kinds of exciting events beyond your wildest dreams. Ready to go out of the box and jump into the Square!

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When you travel, the connections you create with new people will leave your head filled with beautiful memories. Our dorms allow your unforgettable travel experience to start from your very own room, mixing affordability and fun.

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Who said that hostel only rhymes with "dorm"? If you want some privacy we have private rooms ... but you will never be alone! In each room there is a different endangered animal that will keep you company.

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Eat, drink,sleep meet new friends.

Eat, drink,sleep meet new friends.

They might say that you need to sleep on it, but in Milan, there's no thinking twice: we have an upgraded version of fun. Burning the midnight oil is the very quality of Milan. You start with the aperitivo and a concert, but the end of the day, you are the one to write it.

Visit Feel the city.

Visit Feel the city.

Milan is the city where you cannot get bored. Follow us! We will lead you within the streets of shopping and the passageways filled with art, on the quest to mouthwatering cuisine and incredible design. Feel like learning more about the Italian table? Ravioli and Negroni will have no more secrets thanks to our cooking lessons (and don't worry… we'll help you melt the calories away with our yoga lessons!).

Uno space hub where goals are met.

Uno space hub where goals are met.

Don't call it a "working space". You're in an international hub where digital nomads, bloggers, freelancers and young start-ups happily meet. It's a professional and creative meeting point where you can grow and develop new projects… or simply relax with new friends around a drink come Happy Hour. We provide the desks, the WiFi, food whenever you want and a comfy atmosphere… and you take care of blooming ideas.

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Good to knowCheck-in 3PM - Check-out 10AM(11AM for private rooms)

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